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Spencer County Bank Electronic Banking Account Statement and Electronic Records

 Disclosure and Agreement

This Electronic Banking Account Statement and Electronic Records Disclosure and Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between you and Spencer County Bank (“Bank”) and provides your request and consent to receive statements, notices, and documents via electronic delivery for any or all account(s) and document(s) as provided by Spencer County Bank that you have self-enrolled or indicated your intent to enroll in electronic delivery. These electronic statements, notices, and documents are called “eStatements”. This Agreement is in addition to the terms and conditions described in the Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure, Deposit Account Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and Electronic Fund Transfer Act Disclosure and corresponding Fee Schedule.

By clicking on "I Agree" below, you agree that we may provide you with your periodic banking account statements, including, but not limited to any future disclosures, amendments, privacy policies, letters, correspondences, and any other notices that may be legally required to be provided to you, in electronic form for the accounts and documents for which you have self-enrolled or indicated your intent to receive electronically. Once enrolled in the eStatements service you will receive your next statements, notices, and documents electronically only.


You must be enrolled in our online banking product in order to sign up for and view eStatements. All account types for which the bank generates periodic statements are eligible for eStatements. For a statement, which contains the information for more than one account “Combined Statement,” the lead account must be linked to online banking and enrolled in eStatements to allow display of the Combined Statement.


You will receive an email notification of all eStatements, which will allow you to log in to the Bank’s online banking site using your online banking Access Code and password and access your eStatements. You will need to ensure that your computer software meets the following system requirements in order to view, print, and/or save your eStatements.

• Computer with the capability to access the Internet

• Internet Browser that supports 128-bit encryption and is on the list of supported browsers.

• Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher

We will use our best efforts to deliver your eStatements in a timely manner and in accordance with any applicable time required by law. However, we shall incur no liability if we are unable to deliver your eStatements because of the existence of any one or more of the following circumstances:

a. Our website or online banking is not working properly and you know or have been advised by us of the malfunction; or

b. Circumstances beyond our control (such as, but not limited to, fire, flood, interruption in telephone service or other communication lines, interference from an outside force, legal restriction or delays in mail service) prevent proper delivery and we have taken reasonable precautions to avoid those circumstances.


You will continue to have the option to request paper copies, for which fees may apply, in addition to receiving electronic copies of historical statements. Please refer to the applicable schedule or common fees for further details.

If you wish to receive a paper copy of a statement, notice, disclosure, or other document presented to you electronically, you may contact us by phone at 1 (812) 937-4433 or by writing us at Spencer County Bank, P.O. Box 159, Santa Claus, IN 47579 Attn: Electronic Banking Support.


For the sake of this agreement, your consent to this disclosure pertains only to the account(s) and document(s) that the Bank makes available for electronically delivery, which may include statements, notices, disclosures, tax forms, and other documents.


You must promptly access/review your eStatement and any accompanying items and notify us in writing immediately of any error, unauthorized transaction, or any other irregularity. If you allow someone else to access your eStatement, you are still fully responsible to review the eStatement for any errors, unauthorized transactions or any other irregularities. Any applicable time periods within which you must notify us of any errors on your account statement(s) shall begin on the eStatement notification date regardless of when you access and/or review your eStatement. If you do not immediately report to Spencer County Bank any non-receipt of eStatements or any error, irregularity, discrepancies, claims or unauthorized debits or items, you shall be deemed conclusively to have accepted all matters contained in the eStatements to be true, accurate and correct in all respects.


It is your responsibility to notify us if you change your email address. You may update your email address by going to the Options tab in online banking, clicking on Email, and making changes to your information.


At any time and without any consequence or charge, you may change your election to receive electronic documents or entirely withdraw your consent to receive electronic statements, notices, or other documents by un-enrolling account(s) or document(s). You may change your statement delivery method by contacting the Bank at 1 (812) 937-4433 or by writing to us at Spencer County Bank, P.O. Box 159, Santa Claus, IN 47579 Attn: Electronic Banking Support. Please be as specific as possible as to the changes that you are requesting, including listing of account(s) or document(s) that you wish to change.

In addition to the electronic copies you receive, you will have the right to request paper copies of historical statements, notices, or other documents, for which fees may apply; please refer to the applicable schedule of common fees for further details.


If at any time, the required hardware or software specifications change pertaining to the accessibility of electronic statement delivery, Spencer County Bank will provide you with a statement detailing any revised hardware and software requirements for access to and retention of electronic records, as well as provide you with the opportunity to withdraw consent without the imposition of any fees for such withdrawal and without the imposition of any condition or consequence that was not disclosed. In addition, if there are any revisions to the hardware or software specifications, Spencer County Bank will seek to obtain your affirmative consent to continue receiving your statements electronically.

Except as otherwise required by law, rule, or regulation, we may change the terms of this Agreement at any time. When changes are made we will update this Agreement on online banking. Online banking will be updated on the effective date, unless an immediate change is necessary to maintain the security of the system or unless a law, rule or regulation requires that it be updated at an earlier time. If such a change is made, and it can't be disclosed without jeopardizing the security of the system, this Agreement will be updated within thirty (30) days after the change. You will be notified as soon as possible when any changes are made which materially affect your rights. As always, you may choose to decline changes to this Agreement by un-enrolling in the eStatements service. Your continued enrollment in the eStatements service is your acceptance to the Agreement. Changes to fees or terms applicable to eligible accounts are governed by the agreement otherwise governing the applicable account. It is your responsibility to review this Agreement including Spencer County Bank's Schedule of Fees and Privacy Policy from time to time in order to be aware of any such changes.

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